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Space-saving wardrobes with sliding doors

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors have become popular for good reason. Not only are sliding doors a more aesthetic and elegant design solution than regular doors, they are also a great way to save space. The sliding doors and fitted wardrobes we manufacture allow a wide range of design options and a broad range of application.

Manufacturing custom-designed fitted wardrobes with sliding doors

A wardrobe is a piece of furniture that most of us cannot imagine living without. Wardrobes are where we store our clothing, footwear, books and many other belongings in order to keep them out of sight. For many years, wardrobes were traditionally built with hinged doors. However, for some time now, fitted wardrobes with sliding doors have been rapidly becoming more popular.

The design possibilities for sliding doors provide home-owners with more freedom when designing a unique interior. In contrast to hinged doors, sliding doors do not take up more space than necessary and are a great choice for smaller spaces. Fitted wardrobes are a good way to make practical use of alcoves and attic space.

Sliding doors enable many interior design possibilities. A variety of colours and textures will allow your imagination to run wild so that you can create your dream closet. Furthermore, sliding doors are a safer option for children’s rooms. Kids sometimes encounter the unpleasant situation in which they get their fingers painfully caught when shutting hinged doors. Special safety mechanisms are installed in the runners to prevent our sliding doors from sliding shut too suddenly.

The production of fitted wardrobes with sliding doors allows a great deal of creativity in the application of a wide range of quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.